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Thanks for dropping by. I’m Ed Turner, Reader in Politics at Aston University in Birmingham, and co-Director of the Aston Centre for Europe. I work on German politics, UK politics and European politics more generally – please feel free to get in touch!

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Armin Laschet: who is the man chosen to replace Angela Merkel?

After months of uncertainty, Germany’s Christian Democrats have finally chosen the man who will stand in September’s election to replace Angela Merkel as chancellor. Armin Laschet is currently minister president (the head of government) of North Rhine Westphalia and has been leader of one of the two Christian Democratic parties – the Christian Democratic UnionContinue reading “Armin Laschet: who is the man chosen to replace Angela Merkel?”

Looking ahead to March’s state elections in Germany

On 14th March, Germany sees state elections in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland Palatinate.  Such contests always have some significance for at least three reasons.  Firstly, state governments are important in their own right, being responsible for legislation on such topics as education policy, justice and policing, and many aspects of agriculture, planning, local government arrangements andContinue reading “Looking ahead to March’s state elections in Germany”

Quo Vadis, Alte Tante? The SPD and the 2021 Bundestag Election

The SPD is in a difficult position at the moment, polling at around 15 percent just months before Germany’s federal election. Discussion of its predicament often focuses on some of the party’s immediate challenges, but it is worth looking at these in a wider context. This article comments on the SPD’s difficulties, venturing some projectionsContinue reading “Quo Vadis, Alte Tante? The SPD and the 2021 Bundestag Election”

Tatort and Polizeiruf 110: A great lens through which to view today’s Germany

At 8.15 on a Sunday night, much of the year round, Germans are able to grab a beer, put on the television, and watch a new episode of the long-running Tatort (“Crime scene”) series, or Polizeiruf 110 (“Police call 110” – the German equivalent of 999), which had its genesis in East Germany.  The modelContinue reading “Tatort and Polizeiruf 110: A great lens through which to view today’s Germany”

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